Do to A Bathing Ape®  worldwide popularity its often a victim to counterfeiting. During the 

years of Bape®'s high popularity everywhere you turn there would be a fake. So we will 

provide a guide to spotting fakes with the help of very useful Legit Check Sites.

  1. Collar Tags

The tags on Bape® T-shirts and Knits have changed over the years so this tells around when 

the product was released here are some examples:


2000-05’ Bape T-Shirt & Knit Tags


Mid 2000’s Bape Tag 









2010- Present /2011 Update 



2013 20th Anniversary 

2005-07 Milo T-shirts 

Cut and Sewn Milo


2. Sleeve Tags

Bape Products were very detailed in identifying that the product was authentic in cases like the 

ape head logo being stitched to the seam of end of a sleeve. For some collaborations and 

exclusive releases the stitched tag would be different determining it’s rarity.

Early Mid 2000’s 

Early 2000s

(® featured on the left side) 

Aoyama and New York Exclusive Release Tag (Black) 

Pirate Store (Japan Exclusive Store)


2005-07 Milo Store 

2005-07 Shark and Tiger Hoodies  

3. Golden Ape Tag

2007- Present

Golden Ape Head ( Can be seen behind the care tags of almost all items )


4. Water Mark

Inside of the Double Stitched Collar tag in some Bape® Products is a watermark of the Ape 

head that can be seen. It’s very faint so you need to really look out for it.